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Never Ending Conflict

First, I must admit, this issue is a great argument between myself and my peers. Yes, this is a touchy subject, but please remember this is personal opinion.

So let’s get to the point and spare you some heavy reading; I’m looking at this article —  front page,  well, I read the headline — President Obama is meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel. The headline reads like a solution will come from this meeting.  Ludicrous!  The situation gets worse by the day and one meeting between the top diplomats of the two countries is not going to change the history of violence that plagues the region.

People are humiliated and shamed, suffering both physically and emotionally. They can’t defend themselves anymore and they’re tired. I can’t speak for the population that is suffering, but based on my research I must say that it is treacherous. If you follow news in the Mideast, I am sure you are familiar with the suffering and by whom the suffering is occurring.

I see a solution in a one state agreement.  I’ll leave it at that.

What a terrible situation in such a beautiful place.


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The Beginning of the End

So, in about three hours and 54 minutes, I will be starting my first of six finals. HR management, what an easy class but very interesting as well. I’ve learned quite a bit, but a lot of the material closely resembles common sense. It still amazes me that so many people break employment laws. Laws such as, one of the biggest amendments to the constitution, the Civil Right Act of the late 1800’s. How could you not understand such a fundamental law?

Such a common law. Not in a literal sense, although it could be described as common to a certain degree. It seems like discrimination is a thing of the past. Or is it?

I think HR is a great thing to become familiar with. It offers insight into many businesses hiring practices. I feel as if my interviewing skills have dramatically increased due to the curriculum I’ve learned. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in any field.

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The War in Mexico

The war in Mexico is crazy.

People are found, bound and beaten, and strangled in the back of vans in the desert. Just recently, four individuals from the San Diego area were killed in Tijuana. They were bound, beaten, and killed. Will it stop?

My professor explains to the class that it is simply a clash between the oligarchical regimes. What? Well, lets take a look back to the beginning of the war. In the beginning, United States agents captured or killed a majority of drug king pins in Mexico. Much like we did in Columbia.

This strategy, failed. By eliminating the heads of such powerful organizations, we have simply eliminated the compromise that such powerful oligarchs make to be peaceful and remain profitable.

I believe the war will end. Hopefully before we have a complete spillover in the United States.

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Post Mail

Testing to see if e-mail post works.

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Finishing School

Well, here I am. A heartbeat from finishing the second biggest step in life for those fortunate enough to experience it. I’m kind of hesitant to enter the job market, but its definitely not fear. The market always turns.

My major looks stronger by the day and I’m sure jobs will be around for accountants until the end of time. Accounting, what was I thinking? Job security! Hey, its going to work out just fine.

I started this blog in an attempt to “catch up” with the new web trends. I’ve fallen behind due to the hectic nature of the last four years of my life. I want to make an impact. Through accounting, business, you name it I want to start the next best thing and push it through the market like a ravaging bull.

That is, if the bear isn’t still around.
“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.” – John Maynard Keynes

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A Pointless Position

Marijuana, it’s not harmless, obviously. The drug wars in Tijuana, Mexico are fueled mostly by the never ending hunger for more money and drugs.

People steal, manipulate, and kill for these drugs, for the empty fulfillment that they enjoy so much. And for some, the riches that follow the dope.

The funny part is, most drug users in the United States tend to be middle to upper-middle class. They do drugs for the excitement, for the thrill and false sense of meaning in their daily lives. They get high on Saturday night and go to church on Sunday. It’s ridiculous, but is it really a trend among Americans?

Well, back to the point, marijuana. Marijuana is on the verge of becoming the first “illicit” drug to be legalized in the United States. Who cares?

Alcohol is the main reason for a majority of the crime in the city I live in. Alcohol ruins lives, families, and dreams. Why is alcohol so widely available?

Legalize it… it can’t be as bad as cigarettes.

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